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About Us

More about Billy Tea Safaris!

Billy Tea Safaris is a family owned company and been operating since 1981.

Billy Tea Safaris also guarantee we will run with a minimum of 2 passengers for our Cape Tribulation tour and minimum of 4 passengers for Chillagoe Caves Tour, this means you as the customer will not miss out on a tour or having your holiday wrecked.

We have National Parks Permits to all areas in Daintree / Cape Tribulation / Cape York / Atherton Tablelands / Mungana (Chillagoe) / also permits in other areas of Queensland which allows us more options if flooding in the area, or over crowded on some walks we have options to go to other areas. Rather than having to cancel the trip if flooding in the area.

Where we are and where we go

Based in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland we operate personalised outback tours and rainforest tours to:

Tropical North Queensland, Australia

Well Equipped

We have 4WD vehicles (maximum 16) custom built for passenger comfort and to withstand some of the ruggedness required in the areas that we operate. The vehicles are high clearance which means when conditions are wet we can still get through, extra large viewing windows, spacious seats, extra leg room for maximum customer comfort. We also provide baby and booster seats, all seats are seat belted.

We have fully equipped camping trailers for extended charter work with ( Kitchen, Lights, Ice boxes etc.) and the vehicles are equipped with Air-conditioning, First Aid Kits, UHF radios, Satellite phones and all seats are seat-belted and forward facing.

We specialise in charters and will personalise a tour to suit requests from clients.


All our drivers are local accredited guides which means they have years of local knowledge and experience specialising knowledge of history, local aboriginal culture, all aspects of flora and fauna and in depth knowledge of our wonderful World Heritage Rainforest and Outback. Industry Memberships

Billy Tea Safaris is a Foundation Member of Far North Queensland Tour Operators Association. We are also members of the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC), Tourism Tropical North Queensland, Tourism Australia, Queensland Q Parks, Big 4 Caravan Parks Assoc. Billy Tea Safaris is also Advanced Eco Tourism Accredited, and now a Green Travel Leader as we have now been Eco Accredited for more than 10 years.


We are grateful for recognition from the industry as 2007 winners of the Tropical North Queensland Tourism Awards as Tour and Transport Operator (significant 1-15 employees).

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